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How Plants Help Disease and
New Breakthroughs in Treatment

Did you know that, just recently, star anise was found to be one of the most effective anti-cancer remedies? Or that peppermint oil is frequently used to treat severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Every day, there are new breakthroughs in laboratories all over the world that show us just how much plants make a difference in our quality and length of life. The use of plant medicine also known as botanical therapy can overall improve you quality of life, state of mind and physical setbacks.  Let’s take a minute to review a few recent discoveries.

Advancements in Mental Health

As you’re probably quite aware, marijuana is one of the more well-known plants that has a number of medical applications. Many people who suffer from great sadness and severe anxiousness consume medical marijuana, whether in oil, edible, or whole form. Research findings indicate that medical marijuana improves quality of life, pain reduction, and suicidal tendencies for people suffering with a number of conditions. Other areas of mental health study are also finding that a generally plant-based diet, complete with sufficient supplementation and plant extracts, can help decrease severe mental illness. More specifically, focusing on gut health and how plants can contribute to a healthy internal environment, more scientists are connecting a good high plant diet to help. More research indicates that people who suffer from anxiousness and sleeplessness can benefit from consuming plants and compounds found in melatonin – mostly green tea, chamomile and the anise. Study upon study also finds that simply being around plants can decrease sadness, anxiousness, and symptoms from severe mental and behavioral disorders.


How We Use Plant Extracts For
A Positive State of Mind

Plant extracts, around for thousands of years are making a big comeback in helping people that struggle with emotional illness.  Plants from all over the world are used for specific benefits from calming anxiousness, sadness, rage, feeling stuck

Advancements in Cancer Treatment

The largest chunk of medical expenses come from cancer treatments, from screening to surgery to chemo and radiation. Many people who have undergone all of these treatments can attest to the extremely harsh effects it has had on their bodies. For this reason, more and more oncologists and experts are seeking plant-based remedies or supplements that can help prevent, treat, or hopefully eventually, maybe lead to help cure cancer. So far, there have been some pretty amazing findings. Phytocompounds, the essence found in most plants, is actually being studied as a potential cancer cell deterrent; these phytocompounds essentially shut down growth and spread of cancer cells that are present. Out of about 35,000 plants and phytocompounds tested, about 3,000 have replicable anticancer qualities. This is great news! Most importantly, these plants have been found to be effective in a number of cancers, from carcinoma, melanoma, leukemia, sarcoma, hepatoma, and more. As more researchers jump on this bandwagon, it’s just a matter of time before we have a plant-based treatment (and possibly cure) for one of the deadliest diseases in world history.

Other Scientific Findings

In general, advancements in plant studies have found that plants regenerate human cells faster, rid the body of deadly toxins, and improve overall health and wellness. Without plants, humans would be susceptible to a number of diseases, would die earlier, and would suffer from a number of preventable conditions. The importance of plants is clear: they work so well that scientists have created medicines from them, and continue to seek new ways to use them for ever-increasingly important problems. Plants heal – it’s that simple.

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