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A Simple Secret To Holiday Cheer

A Simple Secret To Holiday Cheer

Naturally Ahhhhh, the season for happiness is here! It’s filled with joy and excitement for our family and kids, right? The truth is, for many of us is a time filled with stress, worries, sadness, pressures purchases, travel, family…and the list goes on and on!

This year, give yourself the gift of true holiday cheer and I will share with you how to have it! When our world was created, we were given everything we need to survive – food, shelter and healing. We have been blessed with beautiful flowers and plants bringing us beauty, scent and healing! I am going to share with you the powerful benefits of using flower remedies, given to us for their healing (not aromatherapy) to keep you emotionally healthy and happy during this turbulent time, and throughout your lives as well!

Don’t let the name fool you! Flower remedies will move you into emotional balance, alignment and keep you feeling positive, stress free, happy and in control. They may sound pansy (pun intended!), but their ability to aid us in handling life on life terms, and getting through one of our many traumas in life is exactly what we are all looking for, isn’t it – handle the situation, and move on with a positive, confident outlook. Besides holiday madness, seek them out for your anxiety, your chronic worry and constant thinking, your lack of confidence and self esteem. Use them for your children to motivate for homework, get along with siblings.

Use for yourself as well when you feel stuck, need to figure out your path, or struggle with family issues. The level of comfort using flower remedies in your home with take you from anger and chaos to patience, movement and peace. This is all about the ability to take control of your own life, have faith, and live life happy! And I promise you – you can!


You can purchase flower remedies on the internet and will find Bach Flower Remedies at your local health food store. I spend time traveling all over the world to find the best remedies to use for my clients and bring to you. They are used throughout Europe and in hospitals, as well.

Are you ready to truly change your household. Well, first – lets get through the holidays!

And here are remedies I recommend from Australian Bush (AB), Findhorn (F) & Bach (B):

Control of Spending
Terror (traveling, etc)
Calm amidst Chaos
Intense Sadness/Hopelessness
Family Bonding
Family Resentment

Daisy (F), Elm (B)
Crowea (AB)
Cherry Plum (B), Wedding Bush(AB)
Dog Rose (AB), Mimulus (B)
Rock Rose (B), Grey Spider Flower (AB)
Dog Rose of the Wild Forces (AB)
Snowdrop (F), Bottlebrush (AB), Gentian/Mustard (b)
Waratah (AB), Gorse (B), Wintergreen (F)
Mountain Devil (AB), Willowherb (F)
Bush Gardenia (Ab), Cherry (F)
Daggar Hakea (AB)


Don’t let your emotional challenges continue to get in the way of your journey. You can live the life you want. If you are not living life happy, if you are wishing for something different – you are out of emotional balance – seek out your correct remedies, add a few drops to your liquid for a few weeks. You will begin to smile, find your gratitude and feel your successes! Cheers to a happy holiday!

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