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A Happy Story of Depression

A Happy Story of Depression

This weeks blog is why I love what I do. It moves me every day and I am thankful for having fell into the remedies through my own trauma, and thankful for my clients for their trust! Using Flower Remedies have changed my life or better yet, put me on the path I am supposed to be on. This week’s article saves me from writing an article, lol. Not a part of the my business I love -so if someone out there loves writing, let me know! I asked Tonya if she would write a bit of her story and share with my readers, maybe she can help someone else, and it would help me too. Thank You Tonya.

My name is Tonya and I am very happy to tell everyone that Amy Cohen has been a god send to me. The personalized flower remedies she has made for me is helping me change my life. I was skeptical at first. I researched all I could about her on Facebook, YouTube, and on her website. It all sounded good. I took her test while crying so hard I could barely see. She then contacted me through e-mail but I still wasn’t convinced. She invited me to a webinar. I then knew I had to try something to save myself. I had severe depression, feelings of such hopelessness and despair that I could barely get out of bed.

Sadness consumed me to the point that I felt worthless to everyone around me. She spoke with me on the phone and told me she believed she could help and she’d send a specialized remedy for me. I started using the remedies about five weeks ago. Half way through the third day I realized I wasn’t depressed. I had a feeling of joy that I could not explain, already the remedies Amy made for me was beginning to work.

flower depression

I went to a folk concert and didn’t feel like running away for fear people would take one look at me and know what a failure I had at one time thought I was. I went to my psychiatrist and for the first time did not cry. I have been seeing him for three years. I know it sounds crazy but it is all so, so true. Amy is now working with me on anxiety and procrastination. I received her remedies on Saturday and today is Wednesday, I already feel a calm that I haven’t felt in years.

I can reason better and I have life to live. I now feel like sitting down to tell all who would like to try these remedies for themselves; give it a try. I just know you won’t be sorry. Tonya Tonya wrote this about one month ago and we are still working together.

I hope she will tell her full story for a book I am working on and hope will be out in the near future. We all get thrown off balance, have traumas we live through, and some we feel we will never get through. But what is most important is that we are here to live our true story, and when we are held back because of grief or anxiety or trauma or fear ¬we are dead stopped and our story changes.

Don’t live the story that holds you back. We are here to LIVE LIFE HAPPY. I only make the remedy for you -your body and mind does it’s own self healing with the specific remedy blend you need. Less than the cost of a great pair of boots, Its a small amount of money that renders such big results! Are you ready to LIVE LIFE HAPPY?


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