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4 Rare Tips to Move Your Holidays from Hectic to Happy

4 Rare Tips to Move Your Holidays from Hectic to Happy

The holidays are a time to relax, eat too much food, and enjoy family… right? For many of us, we actually enjoy this time and even look forward to it. But sometimes, the holidays turn into a crazy busy season of shopping, traveling, and hosting our family.

On top of all that, many of us are handling end-of-year projects before we get to enjoy our actual holiday. We all want to enjoy the holidays, and we all want to welcome the New Year without rushing.

The good news is that we all can do this – but how?

Instead of falling down the regular rabbit hole of the Hectic Holidays, take a step back and remember these four tips to help you stay happy and balanced.



Unless you’ve developed a strong meditation or yoga practice, this may sound like basic Body Functions 101. Everyone breathes, after all.

But what we’re talking about here is deep, conscious efforts to take a breath in and expel it out slowly. This works wonders when you’re trying to stay focused or to just get through the holidays without stress and overwhelm.

Studies show that mindful breathing reduces blood pressure, improves focus, and allows us to “dis-center,” or remove ourselves from the equation to see the problem or task at hand and take back control!

Make Plans and Stick to Them!


Many times, our calendars from the end of November until after the first day of the New Year are jam-packed with activities; dinners, events, shopping, family visits, etc. Many of us are “yes” people. It’s time to think about what is good for you, not everyone else in your network. You and your family come first.

Consciously decide and plan what you’re putting into your calendar. Is it something you truly want – or need – to do?

Simply checking your calendar (and deciding whether or not you want to attend said event) can go a long way in reducing holiday burnout, and help you enjoy the holiday with your family. It might even give you an “Ahhhhh” moment of total bliss!

Giving Generously (at No Cost) Is Priceless

Giving Generously (at No Cost) Is Priceless

Of course, we all think of buying the best gifts possible for the ones we love but we tend to overlook the many other ways we can give this holiday season. We get so caught up in our lives, but this is a great time to think about those close to us whom we love and sometimes forget about. For instance, your grandma doesn’t necessarily want another candle; maybe she just wants a nice sit-down and chat with her grandchild! Again, priceless!

Gentle Flower Remedies!

Herbal medicine or aromatherapy dropper bottle

If you are feeling especially imbalanced this time of year, you can try gentle flower remedies. With the help of flower remedies, you can maintain your emotional stability – not just during the holidays, but year-round as well! Remedies to keep on hand:

• Elm from Bach Flower Essences for stress and overwhelm

• Black Eyed Susan from Australian Bush Flower Essences for nervous energy (to help you finally relax)

• Emergency Essence from Australian Bush or Rescue Remedy from Bach Flower Essences to keep you calm and in control during the busy travel season

There are plenty of other remedies out there, so do your research and see what you can find!

Hectic to Happy

While nobody can expect a perfectly-smooth holiday and end-of-year season, we can control more than we realize. By simply breathing, planning, and giving ourselves to the people causes we hold dear, we can change how we view this time of year. As an extra bonus, trying flower remedies can give you something you can use year-round to boost your mood and balance your emotions! These tips will go miles in reducing your holiday overwhelm and turn your Hectic Holidays into Happy Holidays.

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