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Did you know that 25% of all medicine comes from plants? Flower remedies, a/k/a Botanical Therapy are powerful extracts that come from from plants and flowers found all over the world. Each extract has a powerful effect on our emotions and our healing energies.

When we are moved out of emotional balance (because of a simple negative issue or a powerful traumatic experience), we are affected emotionally. If we don’t heal our emotional trauma, it eventually becomes a dis – ease in the body. Many people underestimate the impact that our emotions have on our health, but their connection is undeniable and there is more and more research showing the same. Right this minute, millions of people are suffering from emotional health challenges, such as sadness, anxiousness, intense stress, grief, lack of confidence, procrastination, trauma and more. These struggles make it difficult for people struggling to enjoy life; they are controlled by their negative thoughts, behaviors, and fears.


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