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All About Flower Remedies

What are Bach flower remedies & Plant Medicine Therepy, and why are they so important for our emotional health and wellness?

Did you know that 25% of all medicine comes from plants? Flower remedies aka botanical therapy or plant medicine are powerful extracts, with no scent, that come from plants and flowers found all over the world that specifically target emotional/mental wellness.

When we are moved out of balance (which happens many times in our life from a simple argument to a life changing trauma), we are affected emotionally/mentally. Flower remedies work to repair our energetic and emotional imbalance to keep us in a confident, empowered and positive state of mind. Many people underestimate the impact that our emotional/mental wellness has on our physical health, but their connection is undeniable.

Science uses plants and their extracts to create medicine, too. Look at aspirin, one of the most used medicines in the world. It was created from willow bark extract and had been used as a pain reliever for centuries.

Gaining knowledge of plants and flowers, and how they can help you, can change your life entirely. Everyone says, “I want medicine without side effects,” but then doubt the healing powers of Mother Earth. Well look no further; I never would have believed it myself, but here we are. I ask you to willingly “Go Beyond What You Know,” and open up to the possibilities earth and nature has provided. I did, I never would have believed it – and it changed my life!


How Do They Help Us?

When we are moved out of emotional balance (every trauma changes the “energy” around us – which is why we call them ‘e’-‘motions’), we move into a negative state of mind, negative thoughts, negative feelings, negative behaviors. It can happen anytime, anywhere, and even when we are in the womb. It is considered to be energy medicine. We are entirely made up of energy, and there are layers of energy around us. When moved into a negative state, due to trauma or inherited challenges, the energy surrounding us is affected & actually changed, moving us into an emotionally negative place, which eventually moves into a negative physical space – a dis-ease in the body.

The right flower remedies will get you through the trauma, this bump in the road, as I call it, and bring you back to who you truly are, reverse your negative impact on your body’s energy right now, and hopefully set you on another path, or actually – your intended path.

You will see the amazing transformations, help to others, besides myself in what I am saying in the many videos we have, where clients discuss their struggles with intense anxiousness, sadness, feeling stuck, child behavior challenges, simple confidence, bed wetting, tantrums, even assault. You will see just how my clients, many coming to me when traditional medicine did not help or out of desperation, used these flower remedies to return to themselves.

Because the remedies work subtly on our energetic body, notice how you are feeling before you begin to use the flower remedies then compare how you are feeling a week later, and again a week later, etc. What is amazing is that you forget how “unwell” you were feeling, as you naturally move to better emotional health – making better choices, feeling more successful like you can reach any goal! You will also begin to notice the tone of your home changing, chaos begins to naturally disappear and feelings of happiness begin to be restored. Our emotional health is all about Living Life Happy!

Will Flower Remedies Work for Me, My Children?

Do not believe, for a minute, that your problems are too strong for flower remedies.

The more intense your situation or struggles, the quicker you will see results!

Because the remedies work subtly on our energetic body, compare how you feel after using the remedies for a week, and again a week later.

What is amazing is that you forget how “unwell” you were feeling, as you naturally move to better emotional health – making better choices and feeling more successful, like you can reach any goal!

You will also begin to notice the tone of your home changing; chaos begins to naturally disappear, and feelings of happiness begin to be restored. Our emotional health is all about Living Life Happy! Whether you have a child in rage, someone hearing voices, low confidence, great anger in the home, anxiousness, sadness…watch how life changes with the right remedies. (As a Practitioner For Emotional Health, I am not allowed to use medical terms like anxiety, depression. We are Practitioners, not doctors and need to be careful about terminology.)

I Have Never Heard of Flower Remedies a/k/a Botanical Therapy a/k/a Plant Medicine

Although the power of flower remedies are not well known throughout the US, they are used daily throughout Europe, a part of their culture, and used in the hospitals of Brazil.  I am working hard to educate and teach people all over the U.S. the power of using these extracts to help stay in a positive state of mind, also free from the struggles of anxiousness, sadness, lack of purpose & enthusiasm and more.

What will I notice after my first consultation and using my own personal blend?

After a consultation, I will create a customized blend to fit your personal needs. This is not one remedy fits all! We work specifically on what you want to change in yourself. Your personalized remedy last about 3 weeks to 1 month. You will usually notice changes within the first month, but if your metabolism is slower, you may need a little more time. No matter what, don’t worry – you will get there!

But know this – if you want to explore for yourself, you will not cause yourself harm. If you don’t need the remedy you chose, you won’t notice any results. If you take something for confidence, but you are confident, you won’t notice a change. If you are struggling with confidence, then you may notice that you are ready to do things you were not willing to do before, or your thoughts become more positive. The remedies only work when they are needed.

Are They Dangerous, Can You Overdose, Can you Take With Medication?

If you are on medication, no worries working with Flower Remedies, there is no worry to take both, and the remedies will work in spite of the medication and you cannot hurt yourself or overdose on any flower remedies.

It’s important to remember that having the right custom blend is vital to success.

While various flower extracts provide specific relief to a number of ailments, customizing a blend specific to your issue areas and specific goals will really work to transform your life!

Will I Need Flower Remedies Forever

Depending on your personal challenges you may need remedies for a few months, some longer to actually get back to yourself. Remember, this is not medication suppressing your challenges, we are working to relieve those issues and move forward. Once you are back to yourself, feeling good, working on your future, your happiness, you wont need your blends anymore. But keep them. You should know

a) that the struggles you find yourself dealing with are your own personal struggles and when something affects you in a negative way (which will happen many times in your life), it will take you right back to your negative feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Taking a dose or two of your remedy blend will bring you back to your true self.
b) It is always good to keep remedies around for yourself, your children, your animals – confidence, trauma, anger, something for school challenges, tantrums…whatever you see happening in your home..keep the remedies in your pantry for them. Pull them when you need them.
c) If you are in a place of not living life happy, unhappy job…yes, you will need the remedies until your mind (using the remedies) moves you to your next goal in life. When you are doing the same thing that is keeping you unhappy you will need remedy.

So Yes, everyone should have remedies in their home, but No, you will not need to be on your remedies forever!

Flower remedies are powerful, they are empowering, they are profound. The health benefits you gain when taking these remedies will affect your life, your feelings, your behavior, and your attitude in an incredibly positive way.

Do not pass these by!.


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